Elderly Woman Walks Away And Texts After Car Flips

An elderly woman was not only able to walk away from her car flipping over, the couple took pictures and texted! INSIDE EDITION has more.

Call this old timer the Crash Prince of Bel Air. This granddad posed for photos next to his overturned car, and his elderly wife was trapped inside!

The car flipped over in Bel-Air, the wealthy California enclave made famous by Will Smith's 1990's sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The crash happened on a tree-lined street.  The car was barely moving when it apparently struck the curb and flipped over onto its side.  

Ben Neufeld was in the kitchen when he heard the crash. He said, "I came out to see and there was my wife in her car, calm as a cucumber."

His 85-year-old wife, Elizabeth, turns out to be a nationally prominent professor of genetics at UCLA. The photos have gone viral after it looked as if an unphased Dr. Neufeld was taking a selfie. Actually, she was texting. And check out her husband's pants that were pulled all the way up past his waist. How adorable.  

Everybody seemed to relax once it was determined that the good doctor was A-OK. Neighbor Ryan Steinberg even posed next to the overturned car.

Steinberg told INSIDE EDITION, "I run out, there's smoke coming from the back of the car. I think it's about to be a terrible tragedy on a little street. Then, I walk over and Liz, our neighbor from across the street, is just sitting there like it's no big deal."

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