America Stops To Watch Team USA In World Cup

From New York City to Los Angeles, fans stopped to watch Team USA's World Cup game, and some fans even skipped work to do it. INSIDE EDITION was in the middle of the action.

The entire nation came to a standstill to watch Team USA battle Germany at the World Cup.

There were huge outdoor viewing parties from coast-to-coast.

At Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles. 

And in Brooklyn, New York.

As well as Grant Park in Chicago.

There was a giant gasp from the crowds when the Germany scored.

Thousands played hooky from work, and the excuses were embarrassingly lame. One fan told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm very sick. My stomach hurts and I can't make it. I'm sorry."

Hear From Fans Who Called Out Sick To Support Team USA

U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann actually wrote a note for soccer fans to turn in to their boss that read: "Please excuse _____________ from work on Thursday, June 26. I understand this absence may reduce the productivity of your workplace, but I can assure you it is for a very important cause!"

Thousands of Americans are in Brazil to watch in person. Actor Will Ferrell is there. He led the chanting at a pregame pep rally.

The U.S. fans call themselves American Outlaws, and we caught up with them before the game so they could share some chants and excitement with us back home.

Watch the Outlaws Cheer for Team USA in Brazil

They had a tough time getting to the stadium, wading through a huge tropical downpour. One ESPN reporter told the viewing audience at home, "It has been raining for nine hours here in Recife. Water is waist high and traffic chaos everywhere."

Fans posted pictures of flooded streets on Twitter. A bus filled with soccer fans headed to the game through the flooded streets. The rain never let up during the entire game. The field was soaking. Everyone was slipping and sliding.

Even though they lost today, Team USA continues to the next round when the nation will get another chance to drop everything and chant, "USA, USA, USA!"