Was It Safe For This Pregnant Runner To Compete In the 800 Meter Race?

Alysia Montano is a champion track star competing in the nationals in the 800 meter race, but she's also eight months pregnant, which has a lot of people asking, "Is it safe?" INSIDE EDITION reports.

A mom-to-be is on a mission while hitting the track eight months pregnant with her first child.

Alysia Montano competed in the 800 meter race at the track & field championships, just seven weeks before her due date. The 28-year-old Olympian made it twice around the track in two minutes and 32 seconds. 

She finished dead last, but, after all, she was running for two.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney spoke with the runner all of America is talking about via FaceTime, asking her, "How did you feel physically?"

Montano responded, "I felt really, really strong. I felt great physically, actually."

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So, is it safe for a woman to be this active in the final weeks of their pregnancy? 

Who can forget bodybuilding champion Lea-Ann Ellison, lifting heavy weights high above her head while visibly pregnant? She went on to give birth to a healthy baby boy.

And karate champ Crystal Green was still kicking and punching eight months into her pregnancy.

Dr. Dyan Hes, M.D. told INSIDE EDITION, "For a patient who is a highly trained, skilled athlete, who's been doing this her whole life, is absolutely fine, as long as she has a good pregnancy, to continue this level of exercise."

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Now, Montano joins the list. Clearly, nothing can slow her down.

McInerney asked Montano, "Why did you want to compete at 8 months pregnant?"

Montano said, "It was not only going to be empowering for women. I hoped that it would be empowering for women. I wanted it to be empowering for people."