Family Lucky to be Alive After Tree Crushes Their Minivan

A mother and her three daughters miraculously escaped harm when a tree fell on their minivan. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A mom and her three little girls are lucky to be alive. They walked away from their mangled minivan completely unharmed after a tree fell and crushed the vehicle.

"In my mind I still think that we should not have walked away from that," says Kelly Braun.

Kelly was driving her three daughters, Maggie, Lilly, and Morgan, along a road in suburban Cincinnati when the unexpected happened.  

Kelly describes what she saw as the tree was falling: "I remember seeing the greenness of the leaves coming over our car, like a tree was hanging over the car, and then the tree landed on top of our car."
It was a horrifying sight. The top of the beech tree, 50 feet high and four feet thick, slammed right on top of their minivan.  

"I was scared to death to look behind me. I just thought I've got to get these kids out of my car," Kelly remembers.

Amazingly, the only injury resulting from the accident was a puncture wound to Kelly's right wrist.

Her husband David took home video of the demolished car at the scene. On the video, David can be heard breaking down in tears as he describes the condition of the vehicle and points out where his family had been sitting.