Honorary NBA Draft Pick Proves You Should Never Stop Dreaming

Isaiah Austin was expected to be a first round pick in the NBA Draft until he was diagnosed with a dangerous health condition. INSIDE EDITION has his inspiring story that proves we should all dream big.

It doesn't get classier than what happened at Thursday night's NBA Draft when Commissioner Adam Silver made one young man's dream come true.

Silver said, “I want to take moment to recognize Baylor center, Isaiah Austin. You may have heard about Isaiah. He was one of the nation's best collegiate players and was expected to be picked tonight before the discovery just a few days ago, that he had a genetic disorder called Marfan syndrome and is no longer able to play competitive basketball.”  

Austin just learned he's suffering from the rare disorder that enlarges the aorta and could lead to instant death if he's too physically active. His lifelong dream of playing in the NBA is now over.  

Silver said, “We wanted to make sure we fulfill this part of his dream. So, it gives me great pleasure to say the NBA selects Isaiah Austin from Baylor University.”

He'll never play. He'll be an honorary player only. But the tears flowed. Thousands of fans at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn rose to their feet.

Austin said, "This has been one of the blessings of my life. I worked so hard to get to this point and unfortunately it was taken away. When God closes one door he opens another.”

Austin’s attitude in the face of dashed dreams is being called one of sports great inspirational moments.

He said, “I am just hoping to touch peoples lives and let them know that any obstacle they are facing, they can get through it. I am going to dream again."