The Surprising Past of 'The Nanny From Hell'

The beleaguered family who has been stuck with “The Nanny from Hell” hopes she leaves soon. INSIDE EDITION reports on claims that she’s pulled this kind of stunt before.

She's done it before—That's the shocking claim about the fired nanny who refused to move out.

Marlene Dodge says she was shocked to see nanny Diane Stretton all over the news. That's because she knows her from the time her neighbors allegedly offered the nanny a temporary roof over her head when she needed a place to stay. They came to regret it, Dodge said.

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“She got really embedded in there and didn't want to leave at all. They made it very plain that she had to leave, and she had to leave right then,” she said.

Local police were called and they had no issues kicking the nanny out.

Dodge said, “Local PD escorted her off the property.”

That no-nonsense approach is a stark contrast to what homeowners Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte say they are experiencing.

Marcella told INSIDE EDITION, "My hands are tied. I can't do anything to get her out."

All the attention the case is getting seems to be working. The nanny has sent the family an email offering to pack up and go.

"I am requesting at least three more days to move out,” the nanny now says. "If the media stays away, I will be out by the 4th of July."

Marcella thinks it's a trap. She says the nanny knows the family is going on vacation on July 2.

"I feel like she knows that I’m going to be gone and that she wants to lock me out of my home," Marcella is quoted as saying.

The nanny has not been to the Bracamonte's home since last Friday. She was spotted hunkered down in her car at a local police station. As she was covered by a blanket, she declined to say anything to a KCAL reporter.

So, what can you do to make sure the help you hire is trustworthy? INSIDE EDITION asked security expert Steve Kardian. He says background checks are vital.

Kardian said, "No. 1, if you can, hire an agency to do that work for you. If you can't afford an agency, hire a private investigator, it will cost you only $200-500 to get that done. No. 3, go with your gut. Whoever you hire, make sure you use a variety of nanny cams around the house."