Casey Kasem's Daughter Frustrated That Her Father Has Not Been Buried

Two weeks after beloved radio icon Casey Kasem died, he still has not been buried. INSIDE EDITION spoke to his daughter, Kerri about the ongoing family feud

Casey Kasem's daughter, Kerri, is speaking out, appealing to her stepmother to let her father rest in peace.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “I just really want my dad's wishes to be followed through on. It's frustrating that my dad's wishes are not being met. It’s frustrating he hasn't been buried where he wants to be buried.”

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The radio legend died two weeks ago and still has not been buried. His body continues to lie at a mortuary in Washington State.

Kerri says her dad wanted to be buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery alongside Hollywood greats like Humphrey Bogart, Sammy Davis Jr. and Walt Disney. But Casey’s wife, Jean, has legal custody of his body and has yet to any make funeral arrangements.

"We don’t have any information from Jeans' side, at all.  We've been left in the dark on things," she said.

Now, Kerri is making new and very serious allegations against Jean. She claims that Jean neglected and abused her father as his health deteriorated and she has filed elder abuse charges.

"What I think happened was criminal. What happened precipitated my Dad's death," she said.

Jean Kasem sent INSIDE EDITION a statement denying any wrongdoing and saying she believes the children are being motivated by money.