Burn Victim Makes Magazine Cover

She’s the unconventional choice for a cover girl, and this model’s story of survival is inspiring people everywhere. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

She is unlike any other cover model you've ever seen. Her name is Turia Pitt. She was severely burned in a freak accident, but she's not hiding. She posed for the cover of a fashion magazine, burns and all.

"People tell me that I'm inspiring, which is really nice and I'm really grateful for that," said Pitt.

Watch Pitt's Interview with INSIDE EDITION

Not long ago, Pitt was a vibrant 23-year-old mining engineer. She was competing in an ultra marathon in Western Australia in 2011 when the unthinkable happened.

Pitt told INSIDE EDITION, "A grass fire swept through and myself and five other competitors got trapped."

Burnt nearly beyond recognition, Pitt battled back from the brink of death, spending six months in the hospital and going through months of extensive rehabilitation.

Then, she got a call she never expected. Women’s Weekly, a top Australian fashion magazine, wanted her to pose for the cover.

"I jumped up and down," said Pitt. "It's amazing. It's a huge opportunity for anyone and I'm incredibly grateful for that opportunity."

Now, the cover photo is being seen around the world.

"I thought I looked smoking hot, and it was a great shot, and I’m really pleased," she said.

On the Internet, the response is an overwhelming thumbs up!

"Awesome! Traditional standards of beauty are simply no match for the example set by Turia Pitt," read one tweet.

"An absolute inspiration. A beautiful woman and a perfect cover girl," said another.

"All I'm doing is living life to its fullest and making the best of my circumstances," explained Pitt.”And I think we all should really be doing that."