Dancing Her Way Into Double Mastectomy

Doreta Norris faced her double mastectomy with courage, confidence and a whole lot of dancing. INSIDE EDITION speaks with Norris for her inspiring story.

It had to be one of the scariest moments of her life. So, what does Doreta Norris do? She dances.

Fifty-two-year-old Doreta Norris was about to undergo a double mastectomy. Rather than being wheeled into the operating room, Doreta danced her way in to that catchy tune "Gangham Style."

Doreta told INSIDE EDITION, "When I climbed on the table, I felt like I had already won."

The teacher's assistant from McDonough, Georgia, got the idea when she saw video of a doctor who was about to undergo a double mastectomy. She danced to Beyonce, and the entire O.R. staff joined in. 

Doreta spoke to INSIDE EDITION with her husband, Mark. She explained, "I thought, if I were to have a mastectomy I would start it just that way. When I walked down the hall and I saw all of those people standing there, it was just a field of green and blue. I'm telling you, these people were so awesome. They pulled it all off. That hospital would have done anything for me."

We're glad to report that the surgery was a complete success. Doctors have told Doreta she is now cancer free.

Now that's something to dance about.