Nanny Who Won't Leave Claims Family Exploited Her

“The Nanny from Hell” is breaking her silence, saying the couple that fired her are the real con artists. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The nanny who won't move out is breaking her silence and she's blasting the family trying to get rid of her, saying, "They were the ones that were trying to exploit me."

She says the couple who hired her as a live-in nanny, Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte, told her she'd only have to work two days a week taking care of their three kids. But the job became way more demanding, the nanny told KNX-1070 News Radio in Los Angeles.

She said, “I certainly wouldn't have taken it if I had known what they really had in mind. Basically, I was working 24/7, doing their bidding, whatever they want, doing cooking, doing heavy house cleaning, taking care of kids."

The story made headlines all over the world after Marcella and Ralph complained they just could not get the nanny out of their house.

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They say they fired her for refusing to work, but she would not go, shutting herself in her room instead.

Marcella told INSIDE EDITION, “I cry because I am furious. I cry all the time. I am on an emotional roller coaster.”

In a new phone interview, the 64-year-old nanny claims she had to work 90 days straight and she says the family treated her, as she puts it, like "Some poor migrant worker from a foreign country."

She even took a shot at her employer's cooking, saying, "I only got two meals a day and the food that I did get was terrible."

The nanny, Diane Stretton, disputes the Bracamontes' claim that they fired her, saying, "I wasn't fired, unless you can be fired after you quit. I quit two days before they fired me. And I gave 30 days notice, which we had agreed to."

The nanny was asked how she feels about being labeled a con artist. She said, "It's exactly the opposite. I think they're the con artists."

The Bracamonte's deny the nanny's claims.