Qantas Airbus Floods At 30,000 Feet

A Qantas Airbus traveling from Los Angeles to Australia was forced to return to the U.S. after a burst of water flooded the plane. INSIDE EDITION reports.

There were astonishing scenes on an airliner at 30,000 feet. A torrent of water rushed through the cabin. It poured out of the ceiling after a water pipe burst.

On the lower level of the two-decker plane, it looked as if it was actually raining inside the aircraft.

The drama on a Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Australia took place on an Airbus A380—one of the most advanced jets in the skies. Business and first class are on the top level. Coach is on the lower deck, which is where the water poured down.

The passengers could not believe what was happening. The seats were soaked. Crew members tried to staunch the flood with blankets.

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown, who co-stars in the sitcom Community, was on board. She tweeted: "River running thru the aisles."

Another flier tweeted: "Never seen anything like it. Scary."