Joan Rivers Stirs Things Up With Diva Diary

Joan Rivers dishes with INSIDE EDITION about her new book, and makes no apologies for her brand of humor.  

Joan Rivers is under fire over her raunchy new book in which she takes aim at many of the world's A-list celebrities.

The Twilight movie's Kristen Stewart is so furious at what Joan had to say about her admitted affair with a married director, she threatened to sue.

But, Rivers said she won't apologize to anyone offended by Diary of a Mad Diva, a diary of how she spent the year 2013.

Rivers stated, "If you don't know it's all silly at this point, then you know what? Don't come and see me. Go see the Osmonds. Buy one of her moron dolls, and talk to that instead."

The animal rights group PETA disrupted a book signing in Manhattan because Joan is wearing fur on the cover. "Why do you choose to wear fur when there's so many cruelty free alternatives?" asked a protestor.

But, Rivers gave as good as she got. Rivers retaliated, "Oh shut up! You don't know what the (blank) you're talking about!"

Among Rivers' diary entries are jokes about Rihanna being beaten by Chris Brown. INSIDE EDITION'S April Woodard stated, "Some people might argue that...", to which Rivers interrupted, "Then don't buy the book! It's a funny book. Winston churchill said it and I live by it, 'Every time you make somebody laugh you give them a little vacation, and that's all that book is.'"

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J-Lo's love life is also scrutinized in Diary of a Mad Diva. "She deserves better than little dancers," said Rivers. And she reveals she's backing George Clooney should he decide to run for governor of California. "I think he would make a handsome looking governor. They don't do anything anyhow!"

Rivers says there's no truth to reports that she's in the running to fill one of the empty chairs on The View. "If they got rid of Barbara, they don't want another old lady, and Whoopi's getting up there too. She's Krazy glued her ass to the chair. They can't get her out," said Rivers.