NYC Resident Accused of Being Undercover Russian Spy

Anna Chapman, an exotic Russian woman living and working in New York City, was one of 11 people arrested and accused of being part of a Russian undercover spy ring. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The FBI says 28-year-old Russian Anna Chapman, who ran a New York City real estate company, was an undercover agent, like someone out of a James Bond film.
A Barnes & Noble bookstore was allegedly another one of the locations she operated from.

Chapman apparently didn't believe in lying low like a conventional spy. Sexy photos of her in a firehouse-red dress were taken at a party in Manhattan by one of America's best-known society photographers.

In a video posted on YouTube, Chapman is interviewed about business opportunities for Russians in New York City.

Chapman is a divorcee and lives in an apartment in New York City's Financial District. She is fluent in English and Russian, and also speaks French and German.

Chapman was one of 11 accused spies busted in a dramatic FBI round-up.

The FBI says many of the accused spies lived long-term "deep cover" in quiet suburbs as they sought to infiltrate U.S. "policy-making circles" for secrets they could pass to their handlers in Moscow.
The sweep is a potential embarrassment for President Obama. Just a week prior, he was eating burgers with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Arlington, Virginia, a city where one of the alleged spies was busted.

According to CBS News correspondent Bob Orr, the White House is reportedly upset about the timing.

All of the individuals accused in the spy ring investigation appeared to be regular Americans leading ordinary lives.