Shopper Pays It Foward For Young Mom

A Good Samaritan stepped in to help a young mother buy diapers for her child, and her pay it forward moment has everyone talking. INSIDE EDITION speaks to both women.

A random act of kindness is warming hearts everywhere. Two total strangers shared a wonderful moment and as one shopper pulled out her credit card and paid $120 for diapers for a woman in a Walmart checkout line.

In the video of the incident, 73-year-old Carol Flynn grabbed her purse and rushed over to help 23-year-old Katie Kanefke, who was buying diapers for her four-month-old son at the Walmart in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.   

INSIDE EDITION' April Woordard spoke to Good Samaritan and the young mom after the touching video has gone viral.

Woodard asked Flynn, "It is like you just jumped right into action. What was going on in your mind?"

Flynn said, "I said, 'Do you have children?' She said, 'Yes, I have a little boy who is four months.' I said, 'You need diapers then.' So, I went over and got the other three boxes and put them in a cart and proceeded to say, 'I think you probably need these too.'"

Kanefke, a stay-at-home mom on a tight budget, stuffed four boxes of diapers into a shopping cart thinking they were all on sale. It turned out, she could only buy one at the discount price. That's when Flynn came to the rescue without a moment's hesitation.

Kanefke said, "She insisted and I just kept thanking her and saying, 'God bless you.' I just couldn't believe that someone I didn't even know would do something like that for me and my son. It is amazing."  

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After paying for the diapers, Flynn put her hand gently on Kanefke shoulder. They had no idea their heart-warming encounter was being recorded by another customer and would go viral.  

Flynn said, "I am kind of getting a kick out of some of the comments that are coming."

Woordard said, "Like what? Tell me."

Flynn replied, "Oh, like, 'The old lady who stepped up to buy the diapers.' I am like, I am not an old lady, I am still young, aren't I?"

During our interview, grandma Flynn got to meet baby Marcus for the very first time.  

She hopes her random act of kindness will encourage everyone to pay it forward, saying, "I am not shy to talk to people I don't know. I think that it is important for a lot of people that we shouldn't hold back."