NFL Star Warren Sapp Doesn't Leave Tip For Waitress

Football star Warren Sapp didn't leave a tip for a waitress, and says he's got a good reason for it. INSIDE EDITION has more on the incident that's sparked a national debate.

Football great and one-time Dancing With the Stars contestant Warren Sapp is under fire today for, of all things, not tipping a waitress. It happened at the Upper Deck Ale and Sports Grille outside Miami.

The receipt clearly shows Sapp left a big fat "zero" on the tip line, after ordering $69.39 worth of pizza, beer, wings and fries.

The hall of famer also scribbled this message to the waitress: "Boys don't tip."

Sapp says he didn't tip because, he says, the waitress had referred to him and his friend as "boys."

He tweeted: "No waitress will ever call me a boy twice after the 1st time & I say to her "When u look at me do u see a boy?"

He added: "Good service gets good tip, foolishness get 0."

The 26-year-old waitress, Corey D'Agata gave her version of events to a local radio station. She said, "I walked over to his table. It was him and one other guy and I just said, 'Hey, boys, what can I get you to drink?' and he stopped me right there and just said, 'We're not boys. I'm a man.' So then, I called him "sugar" and "honey." "

The owner of the restaurant had this reaction in a video posted on YouTube: "It's very surprising because that employee has never had a complaint. She's been working here I think almost over a year. I just have to investigate."

The incident is igniting a national discussion about tipping. On the Today show, Willie Geist said, "If she's rude and they had some kind of confrontation, which I don't know if they did, he was well within his rights."

So, is it ever okay to leave nothing?

Etiquette expert Samantha von Sperling told INSIDE EDITION, "You are not required to leave a tip, because at the end of the day, a tip is a reflection of your appreciation for the service that you were given."