Swimmer's Shark Attack Caught On Tape

Former lifeguard Steven Robles was attacked by a great white shark off the coast of California and it was all caught on tape. Robles gives INSIDE EDITION all the details.

The swimmer attacked by a great white shark in California relived his nightmare with every second caught on camera.

"I almost died," said former lifeguard Steven Robles.

Robles was in the water off Manhattan Beach, training with other swimmers, but they didn't know that a guy fishing on a pier had hooked a shark and was trying to reel it in.

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Oblivious to the danger, Robles swam straight into the path of the enraged shark, which was thrashing around in the water, trying to free itself from the fisherman's hook.

In the video, the shark leapt out of the water as it struggled to get free. Then, it sunk its teeth into Robles.

"I heard the entire crunch go right into the side of my torso. Everything, his whole body just shaking, digging in," said Robles.

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At first, the people on the pier didn't realize Robles was in serious trouble.

"Right at him. Hear him screaming?" asked a witness while laughing.

But as his agonized screams carried across the water, they realize it was no joke.

The people on the pier warned two other swimmers.

"Hey! Get out of the water! Shark!" said the swimmers in the video.

50-year-old Robles managed to make it back to shore and was carried out of the water, blood pouring from his side. He showed INSIDE EDITION his wounds.

"I had a cut artery, and it was bleeding for two-and-a-half hours, just non-stop gushing," said Robles.

"Do you think it's wrong that those guys didn't just cut the line right away and that could have avoided all the pain that you went through?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

"All of this could have been avoided had they just cut and released that line," said Robles.

His wife was horrified that some of those on the pier were laughing.

"I was so angry," said Robles' wife. "I was so upset. It was so disturbing."

A friend of the fisherman who hooked the shark told INSIDE EDITION the laughter was short-lived, saying, "When we realized that he was bit, the mood changed. It immediately changed."

It's early July and already it's shaping up as the summer of the shark.

A drone captured a scary scene as an unspecting surfer paddled right over a great white shark at the same California beach just four weeks ago.

And amazing video of a great white was shot from a boat off Cape May in New Jersey last month, taking a bag of bait hanging from the boat.

Now, another shark drama off America's coastline.