Mom Temporarily Banned From Facebook For Homage To Coppertone Ad

Paying homage to a 1950s Coppertone ad, a mother posted photos of her daughter on Facebook and found herself temporarily banned from the social media giant. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was the innocent photo at the center of a Facebook firestorm. The photo shows a little girl's bathing suit pulled down at the beach, exposing her bare bottom.

The photo was intended as a cute re-creation of this iconic ad for Coppertone sun tan lotion.

Now, the mom who posted the photo on her Facebook page, Jill White, is speaking out after Facebook said the picture "fit the criteria of nudity or pornography" and temporarily banned her from accessing her own page.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander spoke to White via Facetime.

"When did you find out that Facebook had decided this photo was inappropriate?" asked Alexander.

"It stayed up probably until about three hours and then somebody had reported it for nudity and pornography," said White.

Watch White's Interview with INSIDE EDITION

White is a professional photographer from Hickory, North Carolina. She was taking pictures of her two-year-old daughter Willa and her best friend in matching bathing suits at the beach over the holiday weekend.

When Willa's backside was exposed, it looked like a recreation of a Coppertone ad that's been around since 1953, and that even featured the very first TV appearance by actress Jodie Foster when she was just three years old.

But after White posted the photo on Facebook, she got this message: "Someone reported your photo for containing nudity" and discovered she'd been banned from the website for 24 hours.

"It is very ridiculous," said White. "I don't see anything wrong with it."

Facebook defended the decision to remove the photo in a statement: "It is hard. With over 1 billion people using Facebook we have to put in place a set of universal guidelines that respect the views of a wide range of people."

INSIDE EDITION viewers are now weighing in on the controversy.

Veiwer Helen Little said, "As far as Facebook is concerned, they don't want that type of material and they have every right to ban her."

"It's a two-year-old and there is nothing offensive or pornographic about it," said viewer Angir Grace.