Video Leaked of Oscar Pistorius Reenacting Night Of Murder

The Oscar Pistorius defense team put together video of Pistorius reenacting what he says happened the night his girlfriend was killed. INSIDE EDITION has details.

Extraordinary video has surfaced showing Oscar Pistorius reenact what he says happened the night he shot his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, dead.

In the video, the 'Blade Runner' can be seen for the first time on video, walking without his prosthetic legs. He points as if he had a gun in his hand.

"I was shouting for Reeva the whole time," Pistorius said on the video.

He can even be seen walking backwards, and putting on his prosthetic legs in just 25 seconds. He also demonstrated how Reeva Steenkamp lay in the bathroom after he shot her, saying, "Her head was like this."

And how he carried her out of the bathroom in his arms and down the stairs. His sister, Amy was recruited to play the role of Reeva.

Pistorius showed no emotion in the video, in sharp contrast to his episodes of weeping and retching during the trial.

The reenactment includes computer graphics which show Pistorius breaking down the bathroom door with a cricket bat after the shooting.

It was made for the defense by a company based in Cleveland, Ohio, The Evidence Room, which specializes in reenactments of crime scenes.

The video was not played in court, but was leaked to an Australian TV network which broadcast it Sunday night.

The defense team is furious, claiming the video was obtained illegally and calling it "a staggering breach of trust."

The Olympian riveted the world with his speed and grace. Now, we see him in a very different way, getting around without his prosthetic legs.