Drone Films Fireworks From The Inside

Incredible video shot by a drone flying through fireworks gives a whole new perspective on the pyrotechnics, but some are calling the person behind the drone "irresponsible." INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Amazing video has surfaced that was shot from a drone flying right through a major fireworks show with rockets bursting in mid-air. 

Watch the Incredible Footage

But authorites fear this viral video is triggering a dangerous new trend. If a firework brought down a drone, it could crash into the crowd of spectators.

Pepperdine University law professor Gregory McNeal told INSIDE EDITION, "If it's flying through the fireworks there's a chance the drone is going to be damaged and somebody might get hurt as it crash lands."
One drone flew through a July 4th fireworks display in Nashville, and another at a show outside Sacramento. Yet another one flew through a fireworks show in Boynton Beach, Florida.

They may have been inspired by a spectacular video shot at a fireworks display over West Palm Beach, Florida, in May. Posted on YouTube with a haunting soundtrack, it has been seen over 8 million times. It was shot from a sophisticated drone like a Phantom 2 Quadcopter that can cost up to $10,000.

The man behind the video, Jos Stiglingh, is under fire on social media, with some critics calling his drone flight "totally irresponsible" and "stupid."

McNeal said, "While it's stunning, and beautiful, and great, the operator wasn't thinking, 'What would happen if my drone got damaged and I lost control of it?' "

Drones are becoming increasingly controversial.

A fired-up crowd actually attacked a drone hovering above the Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup celebration last month.
Most major fireworks displays, like the famous Macy's July 4th celebration, are subject to no fly zones. Now, police fear drone operators are targeting such spectacular events.