As Chaos Erupts in Brazil, Teddy Goalsevelt Returns Home

As chaos filled the streets of Brazil after their humiliating loss to Germany, America’s most notable World Cup fan returns home safe, sound and semi-famous. INSIDE EDITION has more.

It was World Cup chaos as hundreds fled a viewing party on Copacabana Beach following Brazil's stunning loss to Germany.

In Sao Paolo, angry fans burned buses! They could not believe it. The nation was left shaken in the aftermath of the 7-1 defeat, perhaps the most humiliating in World Cup history.

After the game, riot cops massed outside the stadium. German fans were told to remain in their seats and wait for police to escort them to safety.

One joker on Twitter photoshopped Brazil's famous Christ the Redeemer statue, hiding his face in embarrassment. A reflection of the mood of the entire nation.

And remember the soccer fanatic who became a sensation at the World Cup?

Mike D'Amico cheered for team USA dressed as Teddy Roosevelt, or as he prefers, "Teddy Goalsevelt."

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He was everywhere, leading the charge for Team USA. Now he has returned home, and he's getting a heroes reception everywhere he goes.

"Teddy, Teddy! Can we take a picture with you?" asked one bystander.

He works in advertising and as he arrived at his office, his co-workers cheered and applauded.

D'Amico told his co-workers, "It's just me with a camera crew and a ridiculous costume, don't worry!" There's even a giant Teddy head on the wall above his desk.

He had a gift for his boss, a tiny soccer ball! His boss said, "Good to have you back."

D'Amico responded, "Thanks for having me, it's so good to be here."

The next World Cup is four years away, but D'Amico says he's already planning on being there, leading his army of soccer fans as who else, but Teddy Goalsevelt.

"He'll always be ready when the USA needs him!" said D'Amico.