President Obama Offered Pot in Denver

President Obama paid a visit to Denver where marijuana is legal, and one resident offered him a hit. INSIDE EDITION has the president’s response.

President Obama hits the city of Denver, and is offered a hit of pot. Recreational marijuana use is legal in Colorado, but the president just said, "No."

A bystander asked Obama,"You want to hit this?" as Obama laughed off the question.

Later the president showed off his cue skills playing pool with the governor, and even sipped a tasty craft brewed beer.

Outside the pool hall, things got really weird. During a meet and greet, the president shook hands with some guy wearing a horse's head.

That spawned some snarky internet memes, such as one which read, "Check out the guy in the Obama mask. Did no one tell him Tuesday is horse mask day?"

It's all part of being president. You have to put up with the neigh-sayers.