Inspirational Toddler Says 'I Got It' When Taking First Steps In Prosthetics

The inspirational toddler who’s learning to walk on his prosthetic legs visited INSIDE EDITION with his family to share their heartwarming story.

A viral video of a two-year-old boy learning to walk with prosthetics for the first time is touching hearts across the country.

In the video, he struggled a little, but kept on going. Then, there was a moment of triumph as the child said, “I got it.”

Now, he's being called the "I got it kid.” His name is Kayden Kinckle and is from Patterson, New Jersey. He and his family stopped by INSIDE EDITION to talk about the amazing story behind the video.

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Kayden was born with a rare condition called "Omphalocele" where the intestines and organs develop outside the abdomen. It lead to little Kayden's right foot and left leg being amputated.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked his parents, "What was that like for you as parents?"

His mother replied, "I was very upset. You know, of course you want to 'Why me? Why is this happening? What did I do?'"

The family posted videos online of him playing like any other tot, but it was the "I got it video" that really struck a chord.

His father told Alexander, "This is beautiful just to see everything going on right now. It is really unspeakable, unthinkable. We never even imagined these things that are happening right now."

After quarterback Michael Vick posted it on his Facebook page, the video went viral. So far 322,000 people have watched it.

There's no stopping Kayden—America’s “I got it kid.”