Electric Daisy Carnival Stampede Sends 114 to Hospital

The Electric Daisy Carnival at the Los Angeles Memorial Colesium went from fun to terrifying as people were trapped in stampedes when the crowd grew out of control.  INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Absolute chaos at America's most popular dance music festival!

Terrifying home video, just posted on YouTube, shows a dangerous stampede at the Electric Daisy Carnival, a huge rave party held at LA's Memorial Coliseum filled with musical acts and carnival rides.  

Throngs of concert go-ers were trapped in a narrow passageway as they attempted to move from the bleachers to the VIP section on the field.  

You can hear screams for help from the young people wedged in the pile as their friends tried desperately to pull them out.

One girl finally emerges, rattled and in tears, her face covered in blood.  And a young man is unable to stand after the being caught in the stampede.

Some concert-goers rushed a gate outside the coliseum and poured inside without paying the 75 dollar admission ticket, landing on the roof of the hospitality tents.  

Scores more got onto the field by jumping over a tall fence leading to violent altercations with security guards and police trying to control the unruly crowds.

There were 63 arrests made during the madness. More than 200 people suffered injuries and 114 were hospitalized.  And now, some people are calling for an end to this event.

Dr. Mark Futernick of California Hospital Medical Center said, "I think its unconscionable that we hold these raves.  They're flat out dangerous, people who are trampled, people who are exposed to drugs, people who think that they are just getting food and yet it's laced with drugs.  These are not safe events."

It was a sea of humanity at the annual festival which drew 185,000 people over the weekend including troubled actress Lindsay Lohan.  Despite the chaos, a rep for the coliseum calls the event a "success."
"We don't like to see problems, but the vast majority had a good time without incident." the rep said.

Dr. Futernick concluded, "Every year we have numerous, severely intoxicated teenagers and young adults.   We have had multiple deaths at these events related to this, so I don't think there's any mystery as to what's going on and yet they continue to authorize these events and I really think they should just be shut down."