Crazed Cat Holds Owners Hostage

INSIDE EDITION has the story of a crazy cat that attacked its owners and held them hostage, bleeding and terrified.

Don't be fooled by the adorable face of one particular cat. The cat turned into a little monster and even held her owners hostage!

The injuries the owners suffered in this latest crazy-cat attack were a slashed ankle and blood running from a hand wound.

The cat, Kush, is a Russian Blue who belongs to Teresa and James Gregory. The trouble started when Teresa accidentally stepped on Kush at her home near Orlando.

Teresa called her son, who called 911 saying: “My mom...Her cat is going crazy and has attacked her multiple times. She needs a way to get the cat out.”

Operator: “Are you able to take it to the Humane Society for her?”
Son: “No, she's like trapped in her room, because every time she gets near it, it attacks her.”

The 911 operator gets through to Teresa, who explains the crisis she's facing with her cat, saying, “I stepped on her and it freaked her out. Now, she's in my living room and I can't get out, she's got us trapped in our bedroom.”

Operator: “What do you mean by she's attacked you?”
Teresa: “We're ripped up, pouring blood. She ripped us up.”

Teresa was baffled by Kush’s fit of violence, telling the operator, “She's never been like this. I don't know what's happened to her. It's like she freaked out on us today. And I know they said they were sending a sheriff over but I can't get to the door to let nobody in. She might attack 'em coming around the back.”

As they wait for police to rescue them, Teresa has a terrible thought, saying, “They may have to shoot her, I don't know.”

Then, the cops show up.

The operator asked: “Do you see the officer?”

Teresa: “Yeah, he's right here.”

Teresa then told the officer: “We're trapped! She hissing at you?"

The operator asked, “The cat's hissing at him?”

Teresa told the operator, “Yeah. He said he's bringing animal control out here.”

Kush was taken into custody and transported to an animal shelter.

She's just the latest house cat to freak out at home. Recently we told you how one Oregon family also found themselves trapped in the bedroom by their cat, Luxe.

So, what should you do and not do if you're trapped by a crazed cat?

Veterinarian Arnold Plotnick told INSIDE EDITION, "You have to remove yourself from the situation. These people locked themselves in a room and that is a reasonable thing to do. People trying to get blankets or gloves together to try and coral the cat are taking a great risk."

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