Husband Films Race to Hospital as Wife Gives Birth

A husband rushed his wife who was in labor to the hospital just in time for her to give birth on the E.R. sidewalk, and filmed he the whole thing. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the couple.

It was a race against time when a Texas dad, Troy Dickerson, sped down the highway with his pregnant wife, Kristin, in labor right next to him.

He videotaped the whole thing on his GoPro camera which was strapped to his head.

In the video he said, "We are like 15 minutes away."

Kristin said, "I can't make it."

He replied, "Yes you can. Just breathe, just breathe."

Troy told INSIDE EDITION, “I had the GoPro charged and ready to go. When we got down the road and she started screaming, I turned it on and just let it roll.”

Watch the Incredible Video

Kristin was almost two weeks past her due date, and the baby was in a major league hurry to get out.

Troy tried to comfort his frightened wife but Kristin realized they weren't going to make it to the hospital in time. Finally, they get to the hospital and not a second too soon.

In the video, Troy told her, “Kristin, don't push yet.”

She exclaimed, “His head is out. I'm not kidding. Oh God!”

He said, "You have to sit down!"

She replied, "I can't sit down!"

“Sit down. You have to sit down, so I can catch him. Get a doctor here now!,” he shouted.

Now, Kristin is happy that her camera-crazy husband captured every moment of this very special delivery, saying, “I was so grateful to have the footage of that. What a cool thing to be able to catch on film.”