Owners Who Were Held Hostage By Crazed Cat Speak Out

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the owners of the crazed cat that attacked and held them hostage in their own home.

James and Teresa Gregory are the husband and wife who were terrorized and held hostage by their cat! Now, they're talking for the first time about their crazy cat.

James told INSIDE EDITION, “It was like a bad horror movie. The cat just kept attacking and attacking and attacking.”

The Gregory’s were home near Orlando when Teresa accidentally stepped on their Russian Blue, Kush. The cat lost it.

Teresa said, “She's never been like this before, she was, like, crazy.”

James said, “She was just super, super, aggressive. I was just trying to get her to stop attacking my wife, stop attacking me, and get her out of the same room we were in.”

The Gregory’s shut themselves in the bedroom. They had deep scratches all over their bodies.

Cops came to the rescue and Kush was taken into custody.

INSIDE EDITION’s April Woodard asked, “Are you missing the cat at this point?”

Teresa said, “Oh yeah, I loved her to death. She slept with me every day. She was always there with me. She was like my baby.”

The Gregory’s say they've faced teasing about their ordeal at the hands of the ten-pound cat.

Woodard said, “I was going to say, you two are not small people. James, you look like you are at least six-foot-tall. A pussy cat attacks you and you're trapped in a room?”

James said, “A lot of people have said that. There were three officers there with guns and batons, and they wasn't getting nowhere near the cat either. When the animal control lady came in the house, it attacked her twice.”

So, will the couple welcome Kush back home once she's out of her 10-day quarantine?

James said, “We would love to have the cat back if we can get the cat help. But if that's not possible we would like to have the cat adopted out.”