Nurse Fired for Posting E.R. Photo

INSIDE EDITION speaks with a nurse who was fired for posting a picture of an emergency room aftermath.

A nurse has also found herself out of a job today, just for sending out this photo.

Katie Duke, who appears on the ABC reality series NY Med With Dr. Oz is speaking out about being fired on national TV.

Duke told INSIDE EDITION, "This doesn't make sense. Why would they fire a great, competent, compassionate nurse—an experienced nurse?"

Nurse Katie was canned from New York Presbyterian Hospital, where the series is shot, for posting on Instagram the photo of a chaotic scene in the E.R. with the caption "Man vs. 6 Train."  The patient had been hit by a subway train.

She says she was simply trying to convey the reality of life in the E.R. and says she's moving on.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "No matter how much you feel like, my life is over and what am I going to do, I just lost my job, I got fired, what's going to happen...It will be okay."