Identity Revealed of Al Gore's Accuser

The nation was shocked when a masseuse accused Al Gore of sexually assaulting her back in 2006. After a week of mystery, the woman's identity has been revealed. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Here she is: the masseuse who claims Al Gore sexually assaulted her in his hotel suite in 2006.

She is 54-year-old Molly Hagerty, a licensed massage therapist, who's going public with her picture on the front cover of the latest issue of the National Enquirer.

The paper's website has a picture of Hagerty holding up, what she claims are, her pants stained on the night of the alleged attack.

Attorney Wendy Murphy said, "The fact that we know who she is, in a sense, makes her seem more credible. On the other hand, people who know her, and know things about her, are likely to come out of the woodwork and say, 'Have I got a story to tell you about Molly.' "

No word on if or how much the National Enquirer paid the masseuse to pose for the pictures, but the tabloid has said it turned down her request for $1 million to tell her story.

In a recorded police interview, Hagerty said, "The thought and total fear in my mind was that I was on the brink of being forcibly raped."

The former Vice President has no comment on the masseuse's allegation that the attack took place during a massage in a suite at the Hotel Lucia in Portland, Oregon.

Police concluded there was "insufficient evidence to support the allegations" and dropped the case.

Murphy said, "When there's money in the story, I think lots of people are asking very important questions about whether she's more motivated by greed than justice."

Now, after a week of mystery, we finally see Al Gore's accuser.