Police Investigating Call Girl's Involvement In Alleged Murder Of Google Exec

New details have emerged about the woman accused of killing a Google executive by giving him a lethal dose of heroin. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

In the 911 call made by high-class call girl Alix Tichelman, she said to the opperator, "I think my boyfriend overdosed or something."

She told a 911 dispatcher that her boyfriend had fatally overdosed on heroin. It happened just two months before cops said she injected a wealthy Google executive with heroin on his yacht and coldly sipped a glass of wine before leaving him to die.   

In the 911 call, the operator said, "Okay, and why do you think it's an overdose?"
Tichelman: "Because there's nothing else it could be. I know that for a fact."
911 operator: "Accidental or intentional?"
Tichelman: "I think, oh, definitely accidental, accidental."

Video showed Tichelman with her then boyfriend, 53-year-old Dean Riopelle, who had a zoo at his home outside Atlanta. He was particularly fond of monkeys, just like Tichelman, who posed in a photo with a pet monkey and had "Till Death Do Us Part" tattooed on her arm.
Riopelle's death from a heroin overdose was originally ruled accidental, but cops recently reopened the case because of the eerie similarity to the death of 51-year-old Google executive Forrest Hayes, who left a wife and five children.

"There are too many similarities for us not to look," said Captain Shawn McCarty of the Milton, Georgia Police Department.

Tichelman had a turbulent relationship with musician her boyfriend. She was charged with battery after he said she bit his hand during an argument. The couple reconciled, but not long after, Tichelman told cops she was in the shower when she heard a crash and found her boyfriend unconscious on the floor.

In the 911 call, the operator asked, "Is he breathing?"
 "Yeah, he's breathing," responded Tichelman. "Like he's not—I don't think he's going to die. Scared me."

Riopelle was the lead singer in a band called the Impotent Sea Snakes. Alan Vine was also in the band, and he told INSIDE EDITION his friend never used heroin.
"Dean would never in a million years have anyting to do with any kind of drugs like that," said Vine.

Vine thought it was no coincidence that Alix Tichelman was involved in the shocking heroin overdose deaths of both his friend and the Google executive.

INSIDE EDITION's April Woodward, asked Vine, "Do you think it is something that Alix would be capable of?"

"Oh absolutely," said Vine. "I would not put it past her for a second."