World Cup Ends on Global High Note

The World Cup finished as the most-watched sporting event in history, and celebrities stepped into the role of crazed fans. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Rihanna let it all hang out at the World Cup!

She got so excited, that she lifted her shirt and flashed her leather bikini top! The world is taking note. Check out this headline from the Daily Mail: "Well she is in Bra-zil!"

Rihanna wasn't the only one with a serious case of World Cup fever. One billion people tuned in across the globe to watch the final game, making it the most-watched sporting event in all of history. That's ten times more people than watched this year's Super Bowl, which had an audience of 110 million, almost all in the USA.

Facebook users also broke a record, with 280 million conversations, that in some fashion, mentioned the World Cup.

And it broke Twitter records, too with 32.1 million tweets. A map showing Twitter activity around the world during the game showed it glowing red when Germany scored the winning goal. 

Kris Ruby, social media expert, told INSIDE EDITION, "This was completely unprecedented. We've never seen anything like it. Even if you look at the amount of tweets per minute and the amount of posts on Facebook posts per minute, we've never seen anything like this." 

Two-and-a-Half Men actor Ashton Kutcher traveled to Brazil for the big game. He watched with   quarterback Tom Brady.

Also there was basketball star LeBron James who posted a picture on Twitter with the caption: "The greatest sporting event I've ever been to!"

But no one was having more fun than Rihanna!