Worst Wedding Photo Ever? Bridesmaid Kicked in Head

It’s the wedding photo being called ‘the worst’ after one guy decided to do a split leap, and kicked a bridesmaid in the head. INSIDE EDITION has more.

It's being called the worst wedding picture ever!

The best man in the photo jumps in the air for a split-toe-touch and not only nails the maid of honor in the head, he splits his pants! Talk about an epic fail!

The limber bestman, 28-year-old Tyler Foster from Seattle, was in Jamaica to celebrate his cousin's destination wedding. The wedding party was so excited, they jumped for the photographer - then disaster!

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"It was loud and I yelled and everyone was dying laughing and I just kind of sat there thinking 'What in the world did I just do?' I don't know how you can get much worse than that as far as I am concerned," said Foster.

The kick gone wrong has been viewed online over six million times!

"I wasn't really planning on having my crotch, you know, all over the internet," joked Foster.

Thankfully, the unlucky maid of honor at the receiving end of the kick was not injured, and the bride and groom will have an image in their wedding album they'll never forget.