Neighbors Worst Nightmare: Serial Rapist Moves In

A community is in fear and outrage that a serial rapist has moved into the neighborhood after being released from a mental hospital. INSIDE EDITION reports from the town.

People are furious at the creepy new guy who just moved into the neighborhood.

Residents cried out: "We don't want him here!" "They don't want you here." "We don't want you here!"
Another resident said, "Go home dirtbag. You're not wanted out here."

They've never met Christopher Hubbart face-to-face, and they don't want to. That's because he's the pillowcase rapist—notorious in California for tying up 40 women and stuffing a pillowcase in their mouths to dampen their screams.
"You're not welcome here," said one neighbor.

Hubbart has just been released from a state mental hospital after 30 years, and authorities moved him into a ramshackle house in a remote desert area about 70 miles north of Los Angeles.

But now, the people who live in the town of Lake Los Angeles are outraged. The owners of the local market and restaurant say he's not welcome there. They even posted a sign that reads: "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone to include serial rapists."

Motorcyclists revved their engines to let Hubbart know they're watching. And women carrying  binoculars, bullhorns and pepper spray are keeping a constant vigil, even hanging pillowcases on his fence.

A sheriff's deputy supports the protests.

The protestors say the problem isn't that Hubbart was released here, but that he was released anywhere.

Resident Lisa Interrante told INSIDE EDITION, "He does not belong anywhere in a civilized society."

Making matters worse, California taxpayers are footing the bill for this sexual predator's freedom. He's living rent free. The state is paying $2,400 a month for a house that would normally rent for $500 bucks.

He also has 24 hour security, all paid for by the state. INSIDE EDITION spotted a fellow getting stuff out of the car trunk who was one of them.

The state claims Hubbart isn't a danger, but one thing troubling the neighbors is this disturbing fact: under the terms of his release, Hubbart is not allowed to watch TV shows that would arouse him.

They fear the pillowcase rapist could attack again.
Resident Sharon Duvernay said, "He needs to be in a different place. I don't trust him."