More About Russian Spy Anna Chapman

INSIDE EDITION has the latest on the beautiful red headed girl who, the FBI alleges, is a spy for the Russian government.  She denies the allegations.

"My name is Anna Chapman." 

Accused spy Anna Chapman told an interviewer, "I love New York."

"This is the place to do business," Chapman said.

Video of the beautiful redhead was shot just four months ago, when the 28-year-old accused Russian agent was attending a business convention.

Chapman said, "Entrepreneurship is always about solving problems.  It's not just going for your dream, it's not just being successful all of the sudden, it's solving problems."

But feds say Chapman's real estate business masked her activities as an undercover agent for Russia. She was one of 11 accused spies busted in a federal sweep this week. She denies being a spy.

More details of Chapman's background are coming to light, including her jet set lifestyle.

"I'm quite well traveled," Chapman said in the interview.

She used to live in London, where she married a wealthy British businessman. They split and she moved to New York.

Like any newcomer to the Big Apple, she took in the sights, including the Statue of Liberty and Times Square.

Chapman also partied in New York nightclubs and attended social events.

"I did have a lot of fun," Chapman said in her interview with regards to New York.