Daddy Daughter Date: Cute or Creepy?

A father took his three-year-old daughter on a daddy-daughter date that has some saying it's adorable, while others are calling it creepy. INSIDE EDITION talks to the family.

Original Airdate: 7/16/14

Video of a date has gone viral, now viewed nearly eight million times.

In the video, a friend asks Aaron Dixon, "Are you nervous?"

"Actually, to be honest, I am kind of nervous. It's been a while," said Aaron.

But why is it such a sensation? It's because when Aaron Dixon rings the doorbell, it's his beaming three-year-old daughter, Analynne, who opens the door. She greets her "date" with a big kiss.

Aaron told INSIDE EDITION, "I just want her to know what it means to be treated right, to be respected and cherished."

The daddy daughter date is set to romantic music. It includes roses, and fine dining on the back porch with waiter service. To most viewers, it's adorable, but some internet commenters find the video disturbing.

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"This is too creepy," one writes.

"Ewwww, on so many levels," writes another.

Aaron's wife Jennifer is dismayed by the negativity.

"I'm sad for them," said Jennifer. "It's because they don't understand or maybe they didn't have a great relationship with their mom or dad."

INSIDE EDITION viewers are weighing in on the video. Angie Grace said, "I think the daddy daughter date was adorable. I didn't find anything creepy about it."

We showed the video to parenting expert Lyss Stern, of Stern said, "People are going to find fault with everything, but let's not find fault with this. This is just a beautiful, innocent, adoring, sweet video."

After dinner, daddy and daughter hold hands as they walk to the playground for some more special together-time, and a piggy back ride.

And this dad hopes this date will be a lesson his daughter will remember forever.

"I think someday Analynne will grow up and she'll choose a boy who treats her right," said Aaron.