JFK Jr.'s Buddy Remembers The Prince Of Camelot

On the fifteenth anniversary of JFK Jr.'s untimely death, INSIDE EDITION speaks to a close colleague of the Prince of Camelot who was taken too soon.

It was a rarely seen photo of John Kennedy Jr. as a jokester, wearing an Abe Lincoln-style stovepipe hat. The photos were released by Matt Berman, who worked side-by-side with JFK Jr. for five years at George magazine.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Berman about the Prince of Camelot and his wife, Carolyn, who he knew so well.

"What kind of boss was he?" asked INSIDE EDITION's April Woodward.

"He was a generous, authentic, real, regular person," said Berman. "And she was the same way."

Berman says John and Carolyn were so affectionate at work, he often felt like a third wheel.

"John would come in and say 'hi' to her," said Berman. "But, yeah, there was all this cuddling."

"So you would leave your office?" asked Woodward.

"Well, yeah." said Berman. "It was embarrassing."

JFK Jr. was much less fond of the paparazzi.

In a video, he got into a yelling match with a photographer at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport. He carried a bucket of water,  and ended up dumping it on the guy's head.

Berman recalls how Kennedy also used another less aggressive technique in dealing with photographers when he landed at the airport in Los Angeles.

"He got on this people mover thing and he just kind of looked down like that," Berman said describing JFK Jr.'s actions. "And then I realized when we got to the compound, oh yeah, he doesn't want to give them anything. Not a word. Not a photo."

Berman's new book about his experiences working with JFK at the magazine is called JFK Jr., George & Me. Kennedy dreamed about putting Princess Diana on the cover of his magazine. He even had tea with her to try to talk her into doing the shoot and showed her a sketch of what it would look like.

"Finally, he came back," said Berman. "And I'm like, 'What happened?' and he's like 'Well, she's very, very nice. She has a great pair of legs. But she said 'no.'"

Kennedy and Carolyn died when their plane, with Kennedy at the controls, crashed into the waters off Martha's Vineyard in 1999. Carolyn's sister, Lauren, was also killed.

Berman will never forget his times with an American prince we lost too soon.

"I think about especially John all the time and all the things he taught me, and all the lessons I learned over the years," said Berman.