Real or Fake? Dog Fetches Toys for Crying Baby

A video of a dog giving a crying baby toys to cheer her up has gone viral. INSIDE EDITION explains if the video is real or fake.

A new doggy video just went viral of an adorable Beagle named Charlie, who stole a baby's toy.

The baby burst into tears. To calm the crying girl named Laura, Charlie the Beagle brought Laura toy, after toy, after toy, including the one he snatched.  

The video has received over four million views. It's so popular that Charlie's owners created a Facebook page for the dog.

But now some nay-sayers are wondering  whether there was more than met the eye.

"It was so obvious that the owner was giving him commands to bring toys," reads one typical comment.

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"Pretty lame & misleading. Heavily edited," reads another.

Now, Charlie's owners are speaking out, saying there's no fakery.

They posted an un-edited version of the video without music so viewers could hear for themselves what they were saying to the dog.

They speak in Polish, so we asked INSIDE EDITION cameraman Filip Kapsa, who speaks fluent Polish, to tell us what the owner is saying to Charlie.

INSIDE EDITION's April Woodard asked, "Ok, so what are they saying?"

"He's saying 'Laura, throw the ball,'" said Kapsa.

"Ok, so he's talking to the baby there," said Woodard. "So you didn't here him give the dog, Charlie, any commands?"

"I have not heard any commands," said Kapsa.

"And the only real command is for the baby to throw the ball," said Woodard.

Now that that was settled, we can get back to enjoying Charlie cheering up his little friend.