Facebook Fat Shame Outrage

INSIDE EDITION speaks to one teen who found herself the victim of cyberbullying when her photo turned up on a Facebook page shaming overweight people.

This is fat shaming at its very worst.

People in recent photos had no idea that someone was secretly taking their pictures for all the world to see on Facebook.

A teenager's photo was actually lifted right off of her own Facebook page with the comment, "Let's all chip in and buy this gal a (blank) load of Taco Bell and McDonald's."

Eighteen-year-old Jessi Lynn Howell was shocked to discover her picture on a Facebook page called, "530 Fatties."

Why 530? That's 530 the telephone area code just North of Sacramento, California. All the people in the photos live in that area code.

INSIDE EDITION'S April Woodard asked Howell, "Did you feel violated?"

Howell responded, "I felt very violated. I never heard of this page until I became a victim of this page." 

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Another family had no idea that somebody was sneaking their picture as they enjoyed a meal. 

The creator of "530 Fatties" even had the nerve to post a photo of two sheriff's deputies, taken in a courtroom of all places with this caption: "Got arrested for taking pictures of fat girls in public again, look who had to let me go..."

The photos and the page were taken down from Facebook after an avalanche of criticism like, "Cyber bullies are really the lowest form of scum."

Believe it or not, one internet commentator actually made light of the controversy. "It's actually pretty funny... I think people need to, uh, lighten up," said the commentator.

"There's people out there that are killing themselves over this kind of stuff, and it's not ok. I want to put a stop to it," said Howell.