Netherlands Call For Deportation of Putin's Daughter As Plane Crash Bodies Returned Home

As the Dutch bodies of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 crash are returned home, many are calling for Putin's daughter to be deported from the Netherlands.

It's a somber scene of mourning as the first bodies from the air disaster over Ukraine arrived back in the Netherlands.

Pallbearers unloaded 40 simple wooden coffins.

Mourners lined the streets as a long line of Hearses carried the remains to a Dutch military base.

Meanwhile, there's outrage in the Netherlands after the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin was found to be living there. Maria Putin reportedly lives there with her Dutch boyfriend.

Many hold Putin responsible for arming the Ukranian rebels in the missile attack. Now, they want his daughter deported.

One hundred ninety three of the victims were from the Netherlands, more than any other country.