NCIS Star Pauley Perrette's E.R. Scare After Hair Dye Allergic Reaction

Actress Pauley Perrette has a warning for anyone who dyes their hair jet black after suffering a scary allergic reaction. INSIDE EDITION has more.

NCIS actress Pauley Perrette is known for her trademark ink-black hair. Now, her hair has actually landed her in the hospital.

Perrette is a natural blonde, but for the last 11 years she's dyed her hair jet black to play the goth-like character, Abby Sciuto on TV’s No. 1 drama.

Now, Perrette is revealing that she was rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles after suffering a sudden allergic reaction to her hair dye.

She tweeted a photo of herself in the emergency room that read, “My head swelled up like a huge melon. Turns out I was having a severe allergic reaction to hair dye.”

Perrette said, "One of my eyes was swollen shut and the other half of my face had gotten twice the size of my head."

The symptoms started the day before while she was walking the red carpet at a CBS event.

“Did my head look a bit puffy on the red carpet last night?” she asked her half-million Twitter followers.

New York dermatologist Dr. Doris Day told INSIDE EDITION, "Sometimes when I have a patient who becomes allergic to something, it can be something in the preservative, it can be a change in the formulation or they may just be all of a sudden after being exposed to an ingredient for a long enough period of time, their body decides it doesn't like it anymore."

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Knowing that a lot of her fans copy her look, Perrette issued this serious warning, stating: "If you or anyone you know dyes their hair, especially black, please Google 'hair dye allergy'. Know the symptoms. It can be fatal. People have died.  For real."

Day went on to say, "You could even have difficulties swallowing or breathing and throat closing. That's the one we worry about most and you need to get right to an emergency room.

Sharon Osbourne had her own warning Wednesday on The Talk. She said, "I have been warned about black hair dye. it's really dangerous so, everyone, please be careful."

Perrette says she's considering going back to her blonde hair and wearing a black wig when NCIS  films its new season.