Shocking Allegations That Bill Clinton Was Abused By His Mother

Shocking claims are made in a new book from a Pulitzer Prize winning author, who says former president Bill Clinton was abused by his mother. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Was Bill Clinton abused by his own mother when he was growing up?

That's the stunning claims made in a new book, making headlines. The Daily News reads "Bubba Abused By His Mom."

In her new book, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Lucinda Franks says Hillary Clinton once told her that Bill's mother, Virginia Kelley, abused him.

"She hurt her son in ways you wouldn't believe," Hillary is quoted as saying. "I am not going into it, but I’ll say that when this happens in children it scars you. You keep looking in all the wrong places for the parents who abused you."  

In his public life as President, Clinton praised his mom as a gutsy lady who raised two sons in humble circumstances in Arkansas. Virginia Kelley was highly visible when her son first ran for  national office in 1992.

He seemed to take pleasure in praising his mother at the Democratic Convention that nominated him for president, saying, “She knew her sacrifice was the only way she could support me and give me a better life."

But in private, there was a troubled life story, according to Timeless: Love, Morgenthau, and Me, by Lucinda Franks, who is married to the former District Attorney of Manhattan, Robert Morgenthau. She says the revelations about the alleged abuse came up in 1999 when she interviewed Hillary Clinton.

It was just a year after the Monica Lewinsky scandal blew up. Frank said, Hillary blamed the abuse her husband suffered at the hands of his mother for turning him into a womanizer.

Psychotherapist, Dr. Robi Ludwig, told INSIDE EDITION, "Your mother is the first woman in your life. This is the person who you must rely on and depend on and if that person breaks a boundary and seriously abuses you, then one can understand why that would affect one's relationships with women throughout one's lifetime. "