White Flag Fireworks: Is Brooklyn Bridge Flag Mystery Connected to July 4th Fireworks?

There is now speculation that the mysterious white flag left on the Brooklyn Bridge could be connected to someone involved with the Fourth of July fireworks. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Is there a link between the white flag of surrender on the Brooklyn Bridge and the Macy’s July 4th fireworks show?

Police believe whoever replaced the American flags at the Brooklyn Bridge, recently had authorized access to the bridge.

They’re reportedly questioning construction workers, maintenance crews and workers involved in setting up the fireworks fired from the bridge itself on Independence Day.

Whoever is responsible had to have specialized knowledge of the bridge. They knew exactly what size aluminum roasting pans were needed to cover the spotlights beneath the flags.

Sal Lifrieri, director of security and intelligence during the Giuliani administration, told INSIDE EDITION, "They would have needed to have some inside information. Somebody that works in the facility and was very familiar with it."

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent was on the scene. He said, "Police have doubled security here on the Brooklyn Bridge in the wake of the incident. More cameras have been installed. We have seen police helicopters circling above. There are uniformed counter-terrorist patrols, and police boats in the water below me."

Detectives reportedly have the nicknames of five suspects and are working to identify their real names. They are scouring social media, hoping that the knuckleheads have been boasting about what they did. 

Lifrieri said, "Within a few days we're going to see this turn and we'll find out who exactly is responsible."

Investigators are searching through video from cameras at Pace University and nearby subway stations for clear images of the five.