Allegations of 'Sexual Culture' Rock Ohio State Marching Band

Ohio State's marching band director has been fired amidst allegations of sexual harrassment and hazing among band members. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The Ohio State University marching band thrilled millions with their incredible routines. They've been given the nickname "The Best Damn Band in the Land."

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But now, the Buckeyes have a huge black eye. The band's director has been fired in the wake of troubling and shocking allegations involving sexual harrasment and hazing.

The university's new president Michael Drake released this video statement: "Even one instance of harassment or hazing or assault is one too many."

An investigation began in May after a parent of a band member notified the school saying she was concerned about what she called the band's sexually charged atmosphere.

The university presdent said, "We are not alone among campuses across America facing these serious issues. This is our home and our responsibility. Jon Waters was terminated as his position as band director."

INSIDE EDITION met the band director Jon Waters last fall just as as millions were discovering the band's amazing, never-before-seen, moves, forming into shapes from Michael Jackson doing the Moonwalk to Harry Potter flying on his broom.

Waters told us last fall, "What we have been doing lately has caught their eye."

But this is the kind of attention they could do without.

The internal report found that the band was afflicted with a culture of hazing and sexually inappropriate behavior that the band leader failed to deal with.

The report stated that alcohol consumption was a major part of the band culture and that older band members hazed underclassmen. Young band members were given a test that asked them how many times they had sex and to name any other members they knew to be gay.

Band members were also reportedly forced to learn raunchy, sexually explicit songs.

It's believed students were asked to swear secrecy oaths about objectionable traditions within the band.

Meantime, a lawyer for the fired director says Mr. Waters worked "as hard as humanly possible to reform the hazing culture."