'Breathe!' Cop Cam Captures Hero Cop Saving Boy With CPR

A heroic cop saved a boy's life with CPR, and it was all caught on his body camera. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the hero cop and the boy.

One beautiful little boy owes his life to a heroic cop who saved him with CPR, and the rescue was captured on video!

It happened in a heartbeat. The toddler climbed up and fell into a pool. By the time the child was pulled out, he showed no signs of life.

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A 911 call sent officer Ismael Quintana rushing to the scene.

"He didn't look good," said Quintana. "He was completely motionless."

The boy's aunt was already trying to revive the child.

"I immediately get on my knees and say, 'Listen, I'm gonna give chest compressions. You breathe for him," said Quintana.

The cop turned on his body camera and filmed the actual efforts to save the boy. You can hear the siren from an approaching ambulance during the 42-second video.

The boy laid motionless until the end, when he suddenly came to life.

"He started throwing up water and he started giving some really labored breaths and we knew at that point that he was most likey going to be okay," said Quintana.

The boy, Drances Connor, spent two days in the hospital. And now, he is as good as new, thanks to his aunt and a cop who knew just what to do and had the video to prove it.