Exclusive Video from Ray Rice's Wedding After Knocking His Wife Unconscious

INSIDE EDITION has obtained exclusive video from Ray Rice’s wedding as the controversy continues over him knocking his wife unconscious during an argument.

It's exclusive video of the wedding of embattled football star Ray Rice and his wife, Janay.

"Love is kind and we made it," said Ray in the video.

The wedding video was shot as the couple celebrated their vows at a lavish affair at Baltimore's Four Seasons Hotel.

"Ray, when I first met you in 10th grade, I knew that there was something special about you even though I didn't always show you," said Janay. 

"Janay, when I met you we were young, you said it, 10th grade. And I knew it was love at first sight," said Ray.

Family and friends attending the ceremony posted Instagram photos. It took place four months after shocking surveillance video surfaced that shows Ray dragging Janay out of an elevator at an Atlantic City casino after he allegedly knocked her unconscious.

Rice apologized at a news conference with Janay by his side. She apologized as well saying she played a role in the nasty incident.
At last month's wedding ceremony, the maid of honor seemed to refer to the incident in her speech.

"No matter what you say, he still looks at you and thinks you're the most beautiful girl in the world and he still loves you," said the maid of honor.

The outcry continues over the two-game suspension the NFL just gave Rice, with critics calling it way too lenient.

The View's Sherri Shepherd said she wonders whether Janay Rice should have gone through with the wedding. 

"This is the one thing I dont understand about Ray Rice's wife. He knocked you out and pulled you out of the elevator and you still married this man?" said Shepherd.