John Walsh's New Show Helps Catch Another Bad Guy

After just two episodes back on TV, John Walsh’s new show has already helped catch another bad guy. INSIDE EDITION has the story.  

John Walsh, whose landmark show America's Most Wanted was controversially cancelled after 23 years, is back with another program that goes after criminals.

After only two episodes, he's already taken a pervert off the streets.

"Look what happened, we took this creep down," said Walsh in a clip from CNN.

Walsh began hosting America's Most Wanted in 1988, seven years after his own son Adam was kidnapped and murdered. The program became a TV institution.

"We caught 1,231 guys, 17 off the FBI's 10 and recovered 61 missing children alive," said Walsh.

When the show was axed in 2011, many were upset.
But Walsh is back on the air with a CNN show called The Hunt.

A week ago, the program profiled Charles Mozdir, who had been on the run from charges that he molested his godson in California. The show was re-run Sunday.

The tips came in including one reportedly from the fugitive's disgusted girlfriend in New York City, giving up the suspect's cell phone number.

Police traced the fugitive to a shop in the heart of New York's Greenwich Village where he worked.

An NYPD detective and two U.S. marshals went to bust him around 1:00 p.m. yesterday, and all Hell broke loose.

All three lawmen were wounded in the gun battle that erupted. Mozdir was shot dead.

CNN's Chris Cuomo summed up how many feel about John Walsh.

"I want to shake your hand, thank you for what you do for the country, and for all the families," said Cuomo.