Medical Miracle: Face Transplant Patient Lands GQ Photo Spread

Richard Norris was disfigured from an accidental gunshot wound to his face, but his face transplant has landed him in GQ magazine. INSIDE EDITION has more.

The new issue of the men's magazine GQ features a full spread on a fellow named Richard Norris. Nothing unsual about that, until you see the photos.

Just two years ago, much of the front of Norris' skull was almost completely obliterated.

Norris was 22 years old when he accidentally shot himself in the face in 1997. He lived for 15 years as a hermit, ashamed of his hideous appearance.

An internet search led him to a miracle worker, surgeon Richard Rodriguez. In 2012, the doctor and a medical team of more than a hundred personnel performed the most extensive face transplant ever attempted. The procedure took 36 hours. Just six days later there was already a major improvement.

Norris spoke with NBC about his journey last year, saying, "When I walk down the sidewalk now, I hold my head up."

He now has a lovely girlfriend and a nine page spread in GQ magazine.