Identity of Putin's Daughter Mystifies the World

The mystery surrounding the identity of Vladimir Putin’s daughter has one model telling the world, ‘I’m not her!’ INSIDE EDITION speaks to the model.

It's a case of mistaken identity that made international headlines.

Last week, numerous reports around the world identified one woman as the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The only problem was the beautiful blonde is not Maria Putin. It's a woman named Uma Blasini.

Blasini told INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent, “The image, it's my picture, not her.”

She is a former Miss Puerto Rico. She's a professional model and even appeared in a commercial for Diet Pepsi.

The real Maria Putin is living in the Netherlands. There were calls for her to be deported because of Russia's role in the downing of Malaysia Flight 17 over Ukraine that left nearly 200 Dutch citizens dead.

Now, Blasini is scared, saying, “My main concern is my family and my safety."

Blasini has no idea how she came to be identified as Putin’s daughter, but when it comes to Putin’s personal life, reliable information is scarce.

Phil Ewing from told INSIDE EDITION, “He is just kind of a control freak when it comes to secrecy and information."

While there are pictures of Putin’s daughters as young children, no one is really sure what they look like today. In 2008, a woman in a photo was identified as Maria, but the Kremlin said that is not true.

Ewing said, "I would not be surprised if the Kremlin had put out some photos of women who are not Putin's daughters to try and muddy the waters and confuse things.

As for Blasini, she wants the world to know she is not Putin’s daughter.