Justin Bieber vs. Orlando Bloom Smackdown

A shouting match turned to a near fist fight when Orlando Bloom took at swing at Justin Bieber. INSIDE EDITION has the latest on the star vs. star brawl.

It's a fist fight between two big stars, Justin Bieber versus Orlando Bloom.

In a recent video Bloom reportedly took a swing at Bieber at a nightspot.

The pair also got into an angry shouting match as members of their entourages tried to break them up. Bloom had to be hauled away by his arm, and restrained from getting back into it with Bieber.

"I think it's really fabulous, and I think Orlando Bloom needs a medal of honor," joked Sharon Osbourne on The View

Bieber and Bloom have a hostile history that started when Bieber hung out with Orlando Bloom's then-wife, model Miranda Kerr, at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2012.

"Bieber is so sweet and so...he was really sweet," said Kerr at the fashion show.

Bloom has also spent time with Bieber's on-off girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

The dramatic new video was shot in a restaurant on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza.

A witness says Bieber first offered to shake hands with the Lord of the Rings star, but Bloom refused. Bieber then allegedly made a rude comment about Miranda Kerr telling Bloom, "She was good."

Bloom "...just tried to pop him. The whole place cheered," said a witness.

Right after the restaurant showdown, Bieber posted a photo of Kerr online as if to thumb his nose at Orlando Bloom. The photo was later taken down.
It's not the first time men have come to blows over Miranda Kerr.

Two billionaire buddies actually got into a brawl after one of them started dating Kerr and the other objected.

Now it's a Bieber-Bloom battle.