Justin Bieber Rubs Orlando Bloom's Face In It On Social Media

The fight between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom shows no sign of stopping, with Bieber seeming to taunt the actor online. INSIDE EDITION explains.

It is round two in that infamous fight between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, with Bieber delivering a one-two punch on Instagram!

He posted a photo of a weeping Bloom, overcome with emotion following his Broadway debut in Romeo & Juliet.

Bieber also posted a sexy shot of Bloom's ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, the gorgeous model Bieber was hanging out with at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2012. Bieber later took down the photo of Kerr.

A New York Post front page sums up Bieber's revenge with a one-word pun: "Kerr-ses!"

The photos were clearly intended to taunt Bloom, who, to make matters even more interesting, has spent time with Bieber's on-off girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

In video of the altercation between the two big stars in a restaurant on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, Bloom can be seen apparently take a swing at Bieber at a night spot. The pair also got into an angry shouting match as members of their entourages tried to break them up.

It wasn't exactly a battle for the ages, but the late night comics are feasting on it.

Seth Meyers joked, "Luckily, the fight was quickly broken up before anyone's hair got mussed!"

Craig Ferguson said, "Orlando apparently threw a punch. It was brutal! Mascara was everywhere! No broken bones, but sadly, a few broken nails."

Bloom had to be hauled away by his arm, and restrained from getting back into it with Bieber.

What's next in the Bloom-Bieber battle? Stay tuned!