Near-Death Cliff Fall is Caught on Video

Following numberous rescues and fatalities, parts of California's Eaton Canyon has been closed to hikers. INSIDE EDITION reports from the scene.

It was a moment of sheer terror for a young hiker as she lost her footing and slid down a steep canyon.

Watch the Video Here!

Luckily, she grabbed hold of a tree, saving herself from a 50-foot plunge to the ground below and then, yet another rescue at California’s Eaton Canyon.

Believe it or not, more than 60 hikers had to be rescued from the perilous canyon in 2012 and five have died there in recent years.

Why is this treacherous canyon so popular? It is partly because of videos posted on the internet, enticing other hikers to the challenge.

Now, the dangerous Upper Falls portion of Eaton Canyon is being closed to hikers.

Meanwhile, that girl who saved herself by grabbing the tree was in good hands. A rescuer lowered from a helicopter lifted her to safety. It was a happy ending to a hiking adventure gone horribly wrong.